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Matrix - is an application for the generation of the randomly-distributed nonrecurrent authorized sequences of signs and associated data. The examples of application are the generation of users' passwords, electronic payments card numbers. Matrix can be used as the ready to deploy solution integrated with "Grad" billing system, or can be used by the services developer as a separate component.

Basic Functionalities:

  • A sequence members series and an associated data generation to an external database on the basis of entropy generator, parameters of sequence (such as an alphabet, a number of characters in an element, a set of transformations) and a template of an associated data (such as cards nominal).
  • Preparation of generated data series for printing.
  • Viewing the data generation history by the name of sequences, and also carrying out the verification - whether a given number belongs to a certain sequence.
  • Storing the keys used for a primary stored data conversion.
  • Configuration a sequence type and an associated data.
  • Ability to call stored procedure of a database upon the sequence generation termination - for data-bases which have a built-in imperative language, such as PL/SQL

The Matrix works in both Linux, and Windows program environments and supports widespread relational data-bases: Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL. Both pseudorandom sequences and sources of entropy that are part of an operating system (/dev/random in Linux) and hardware random numbers generators can be a source of entropy.

Matrix is easy to integrate with the other systems by using general database tables:

  1. The sequences structure and associated data structure mapping to database tables is described in XML configuration file.
  2. The developer of other system uses the tables for implementation of the system business functionality.


The Administrator's Guide [pdf] (eng., 38Kb).

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